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Consultant neuroanesthesiologists

In the Department of Neurosurgery, the safe anesthesiological treatment is provided by an anesthesiologist specialized or trained in neuroanesthesia.

A neuroanesthesiologist has profound knowledge on preoperative assessment, anesthesia, pain treatment and disturbances in fluid balance of the neurosurgical patient, and is capable to make the neurosurgeons´ work easier by inducing changes in cerebral blood flow and metabolism.

As one of our neurosurgeon said:"You don't notice good neuroanesthesia, but bad neuroanesthesia induces brain swelling and thus makes the surgery impossible."

Another main interest of the neuroanesthesiologists is the intensive treatment of neurological and neurosurgical patients, that is patients with cerebral trauma or hemorrhage. The anesthesiologists are also involved in neuroradiological procedures (angiography, vascular procedures, MRI studies) and work at the Emergency Room.

During office hours, four anesthesiologist work at the neurosurgical operation rooms (1-3 neuroanesthesiologists or specialists trained in neuroanesthesia and 1-2 specializing doctors) and two at the neurosurgical ICU with 10-16 beds (at least one of them is a neuroanesthesiologist). 

In addition, one of three anesthesiologists being on call in the hospital overnight is assigned to neuroanesthesia and neurointensive care.

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