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An international congress on burns brings both top doctors and nurses in the field to Helsinki

The 18th international congress of the European Burns Association will be held in Finland in 4–7 September 2019. The congress is held every other year, and roughly 700 professionals in the field of burns from more than 50 countries will participate.
The congress differs from conferences intended for doctors in that its participants include all professionals in the field equally, from surgeons to anesthesiologists and intensive care doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, nutritionists, social workers, and all members of a burn care team involved in the treatment of burns. The field of burns requires seamless special expertise and professional skills, and teamwork is especially important. 

“We have invited the top burn experts in the world to this congress, such as Professor David Herndon from Galveston, USA, who has edited ‘Total Burn Care’, the definitive work on the treatment of burns, and who specializes in burns suffered by children in particular,” says Professor Jyrki Vuola, Head Physician of HUS Burn Center, and the Congress President. The speakers in the congress include several American and European top experts in the field.

Scar treatments and artificial skin help patients with burns

Especially interesting topics in the congress include scar treatments and the latest methods used in them; they also help many others in addition to burn patients.

“Artificial skins are developing rapidly, which means that people are approaching the solution from many different directions. Face and limb transplants are also possible today. The cutting-edge research in the field is done in Switzerland and the USA, for example, and we are getting interesting presentations from both,” Vuola says.

Excellent results have been gained in promoting the survival of burn patients, and there are no more major revolutions expected in that area. In contrast, the quality of life of burn patients and various related psychosocial issues are increasingly important in burn care, and the aim has now been to advance these matters significantly. The different areas of this topic will be discussed extensively in many lectures at the congress.

The nightclub fire in Romania a few years ago gave an incentive to develop an organization in case of major accidents at the EU level, and the Nordic Countries as well as Norway have been very actively involved. Approximately 180 people were seriously injured in the fire.

The Emergency Management of Severe Burns Course (EMSB) will also be arranged in connection with the congress; it has 24 participants and 12 instructors. The HUS Burn Center is at the frontline of this international activity, which aims to standardize burn care in different countries.

“Organizing the congress in Finland is a great honor and a show of appreciation for the work on burns that we do,” Vuola says.


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