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Nursing Research Center NRC

At the NRC, our goal is to strengthen the research expertise of our nursing staff. Through our activities, we aim to increase the use of research data in clinical nursing and specialist medical care processes. 

sairaanhoitaja tutkii lapsipotilasta

There is no university in the HUS area where nursing science is taught. That is why our staff conducts research in several different educational institutions. At NRC, we coordinate the nursing and health science research conducted by various universities and universities of applied sciences in HUS.

At NRC, we want to promote the fact that research needs identified in patient care would increasingly lead to scientific research. We are strengthening this by providing resources and creating a clear structure for the development of nursing. 

Three HUS departments are applying for Magnet Hospital status. The status can be obtained when the quality of care is excellent and meets the quality criteria. Assessing the effectiveness of nursing is an important part of our activities.

Read more about the Magnet Hospital project here.

At the research center, we also communicate the recommendations for nursing, and thus promote nursing based on research evidence.