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Sleep disorders

  • sleep disorder

We examine and treat insomnia which may have various underlying reasons.

Insomnia is an ordinary problem in people. Insomnia as a single transient symptom does not require any examinations. If your insomnia persists for several weeks and causes suffering or issues with your daytime performance, you should contact health care services. You can find service guidance on the service portal.

Investigation and treatment of your insomnia begins at primary health care services. In accordance with the operating model for treatment of insomnia, your harmful insomnia symptom is assessed in the health center and if you are diagnosed with a sleep disorder, treatment will be provided. There is effective drug-free treatment available for the most common sleep disorder (F51.0 Insomnia not due to a substance or known physiological condition).

Insomnia as a symptom can also be associated with various other diseases, which is why a careful initial assessment of insomnia is important. Insomnia should be distinguished from sleep deprivation caused by other reasons (e.g. life situation, busy life, health habits). Prolonged sleep deprivation has harmful effects on the metabolism, immune defensive system, alertness, learning, emotional regulation, and mood. Sleep deprivation can be caused by insufficient amount or quality of sleep.

Treatment facilities

Sleep Disorder Outpatient Clinic, Pasila

The Sleep Disorder Outpatient Clinic offers sleep disorder consultations.