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Psychotic disorders in children

  • child psychiatry

At HUS, we treat psychotic disorders in children.

Lasten psykoottiset häiriöt

A psychosis is a severe mental health disturbance where the patient’s perception of reality is significantly compromised. Its key symptoms are sensory hallucinations, paranoia and a loss of reality.

Childhood psychoses are extremely rare. Childhood psychoses include schizophrenia, psychotic depression and bipolar affective disorder, psychotic states induced by intoxicant use, and brief, transitory psychoses.

If your child presents with psychotic symptoms, contact your local health center or school health care. The children’s emergency clinics deal with acute cases. 

Treatment facilities

Child Psychiatric Acute Ward, Töölö

On the Child Psychiatric Acute Ward, we assess and treat children under the age of 13 who are in need of urgent inpatient care.

Child Psychiatric Day Ward, Töölö

On the Child Psychiatric Day Ward, we treat children aged 6–12 years. Children arrive for day-ward treatment periods mainly due to anxiety or depression.