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Laboratory tests

  • laboratory
  • blood and urine samples

For laboratory tests, you can visit our laboratories in Uusimaa, Kymenlaakso or South Karelia. You must have a referral for laboratory tests.

Potilas laboratoriossa

Our laboratories see patients by appointment and by waiting number. We recommend that you book an appointment for your laboratory visit, so that your visit will be as health secure as possible. You can book an appointment online or by phoning our customer service. Some of our laboratories are available by appointment only. Urgent samples can always be taken without an appointment. Also, sample containers can be collected and returned with a waiting number.

Laboratory tests can be used to confirm or exclude particular disorders, as part of treatment, in treatment monitoring and in various screenings. Samples tested by laboratories include blood, urine and feces.  

You may visit any laboratory convenient for you in Uusimaa or Kymenlaakso. If you are resident in South Karelia, you can also visit a laboratory in the Eksote region. 

Treatment facilities

Askola health center sampling point

The sampling point at the Askola health center is closed until further notice.

Elimäki health center laboratory

The Elimäki health center laboratory has a take-a-number queue system.

Espoonlahti laboratory

The laboratory is closed until further notice.

Haaga laboratory

The laboratory will open on September 1, 2021.