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Female sterilizations

You can receive a referral and a ST1 medical certificate for sterilization from your health center, occupational or student health care, or private health center. According to Finnish law, we can perform a sterilization with the consent of 1–2 physicians or the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira).

Kuvituskuva: lääkäri ja hoitaja leikkaussalissa

The most common reasons for sterilization is an age of more than 30 years or previous parity (3 children), in which case the consent of one physician will be sufficient. Sterilization is a final means of contraception, so the decision should only be made after careful consideration. We perform female sterilizations in our gynecological units.

Sterilization is performed during abdominal laparoscopy or open surgery, for example during a caesarean section. We now perform most of the sterilizations as laparoscopic procedures.

Treatment facilities

Surgery and Anesthesia Unit

In the Women's Hospital Surgery and Anesthesia Unit, we perform gynecological endoscopic and open surgeries, as well as procedures related to miscarriages.

Gynecological Outpatient Clinic, Ruoholahti

At the Ruoholahti Gynecological Outpatient Clinic, we examine and treat patients with various gynecological problems, including menstrual disturbances…

Gynecological Outpatient Clinic

In the Gynecological Outpatient Clinic of Women's Hospital, we treat various gynecological diseases, such as menstrual disturbances, gynecological pains…

Gynecological Outpatient Clinic

At the Gynecological Outpatient Clinic of Lohja Hospital, we carry out gynecological examinations, such as hysteroscopies, colposcopies, and…