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Ronald McDonald House Charity

The home-like Ronald McDonald House can accommodate the families and siblings of children with long-term illnesses whose own home is far away. 

Ronald McDonald Lastentalosäätiön Ronald McDonald Talo

Ronald McDonald House is located less than a kilometer from the New Children’s Hospital. The house consists of three separate wooden houses with a total of 14 peaceful family rooms and comfortable common areas in each house. 

Staff at the New Children’s Hospital will direct families to find accommodation at the Ronald McDonald House. In the house, families can spend as normal a daily life as possible. Each family has their own comfortable room that can accommodate two adults and 1–2 siblings. Each room has a private bathroom. 

The common areas include a well-equipped kitchen, living room, playroom, utility facilities, and sauna. There are also bicycles, breast pumps, cots, babysitters and push cots to make everyday life easier for families. The courtyard has free parking, a safe playground with swings, and a beautiful garden with apple trees. 

There is room for the family to live and rest on their own, but if necessary, valuable peer support can be obtained from other residents.  

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