Core Research Facilities

HYKS Institute -Research Management Services

The core idea is to offer all research services under one roof. The company’s research services cover areas such as monitoring, keeping track of the progress of studies, and research contract services. The financial administration team, on the other hand, oversees financial matters from invoicing to salary payments and bookkeeping.

Helsinki Biobank​

At HUS we have globally unique resources in biobanking. Finland is uniquely positioned from the point of view of medical research thanks to our long tradition of personal identity numbers, access to national demographic and health registries, and healthcare of high quality.​
The Helsinki Biobank operates in a large area and coordinates collection of samples for the multinational FinnGen study, which utilizes the data and expertise of all Finnish biobanks. Helsinki Biobank is set to provide 110,000 – a fifth of all samples – new samples for FinnGen. Coordination and planning of the project is overseen by a team of researchers from the University of Helsinki and HUS led by professor Aarno Palotie.

Clinical Research Nurses 

Participation in research nurse training is a major investment for HUS and a contribution to science. Research nurses are in charge of practical matters related to the trial, leaving more time for the researchers to focus on the trial itself. Majority of research nurses leave their regular roles for fixed periods at a time to work on their research.
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