Anne Pitkäranta , Professor and Research Director at HUS, and Risto Renkonen, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine

High quality clinical research supports world class patient care

Helsinki University Hospital (HUS) and the University of Helsinki form together the Academic Medical Center Helsinki (AMCH). 


This cooperation brings together top research, teaching, and medical care every day. Most of HUS’s over 2000 doctors and a growing amount of other health and social care professionals are active in clinical research. 

Academic Medical Center has about 80 professors and 80 lecturers with joint employment. They produce more than 2000 scientific publications each year. Information obtained from these studies is quickly adopted to support patient care and decision making, and it also helps improve hospital operations based on evidence. Active research attracts companies and researchers and so creates new types of opportunities for the development of healthcare.

HUS Medical Research Strategy 2019 - 2020