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Nursing Research Center NRC

At the Nursing Research Center (NRC), our goal is to promote nursing and health science research and the utilization of its results for the benefit of the patient.

Potilas polkee kuntopyörää.

The NRC supports HUS’s nursing and health science research in many different ways.

Here at the NRC

  • We offer opportunities for research work for HUS personnel working on their doctoral thesis and post-doctoral research.
  • We enable the implementation of nursing development projects based on research in different HUS units.
  • We strengthen the expertise of the nursing staff in evidence-based operations.
  • We offer consultancy assistance in the planning and implementation of research and research development projects. 
  • We compile nursing guidelines, which develops research-based nursing.
  • We are responsible for the implementation and evaluation of HUS health sciences research program.

Magnet Hospital project

The assessment the effectiveness of nursing is an important part of our activities. For our part, we support the HUS departments seeking Magnet Hospital status in achieving the criteria for research activities. The status can be obtained when the quality of care is excellent and meets the quality criteria.

Read more about the Magnet Hospital project here.


Research publications in the field of nursing and health sciences in HUS


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