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Clinical trials involving children

In the Clinical Trial Unit (CTU) of the new Children’s Hospital, we promote the health of children and adolescents, increase children’s opportunities to participate in drug trials, and provide information on the best possible care for children. In addition, we support academic research and conduct pharmaceutical or device trials in cooperation with companies.

Hoitaja ja vauva

Research involving children is challenging and strictly regulated. In our research activities, patient safety is a top priority. 

We aim to make children’s hospital visits as smooth as possible, so an examination appointment may also be carried out during a child’s other visit or hospital stay. 

Our reception facilities are located at Park Hospital.

Stenbäckinkatu 11
FI-00290 Helsinki

Ongoing studies involving children and adolescents

At the New Children's Hospital, we carry out versatile research work and there are many ongoing studies. Pharmaceutical trials aim to develop new effective treatments. Pharmaceutical trials are a way to ensure the safety and efficacy of medicines in children. Medical trials increase and produce information on issues associated with children.

The study of pediatric oncology at the New Children’s Hospital is part of the best possible treatment and examinations in hematology and oncology patients.

Drug trials involving children

Children’s cancer research

Cooperation parties

In the Clinical Trial Unit at the New Children's Hospital, we work closely together with other researchers nationally and internationally. Participation in research work enables access to information relevant to treatment within the required timeframe. Our physicians’ cooperation networks and collaboration with various research organizations guarantee the best possible care in our hospital. 


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