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Cancer research

HUS Comprehensive Cancer Center is Finland’s largest cancer research center, with more than 150 ongoing studies annually. We carry out cancer treatment and clinical cancer pharmaceutical studies as academic research and in cooperation with pharmaceutical companies. A new cancer drug that does not yet have marketing authorization is the subject in many research projects. With clinical pharmaceutical studies, we are increasing patients’ access to treatments with medicines that are not yet publicly available.

Kuvituskuva, jossa tietokonemallinnettuja hiilimolekyyliketjuja.

Our cancer trials that are recruiting patients

You can apply to become a research patient in clinical cancer research by referral from a physician. The attending physician will also provide us with the necessary information on the eligibility to participate in a study. Below you will find a list of our open-line cancer studies that are recruiting patients. For more information, please contact unyhnaghgxvzhfcbgvynnxfv@uhf.svif.suh@iskaalitopsumiktutnaulah .

Becoming our partner

We cooperate with the pharmaceutical industry and product development. You can contact us and suggest a research topic.

In cooperation

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