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Specializing physicians

Come and specialize in HUS! We have more than 1,500 specializing physicians working in 50 different specialties. More than 40% of Finland’s specialists have been trained in our hospitals.  

Together with the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Helsinki, we form Finland’s largest community for studying to become a specialist.  The teaching provided in our hospitals covers all 50 specialties in medicine.

Specialist training in HUS

Toward better specialist training

The teaching and guidance of specialists in HUS is constantly being developed. In this article series, we present the improvements that the units have made to the working conditions and training of specializing physicians.

Provide feedback on the guidance you have received

You can respond to the CLES guidance feedback survey after a month’s attendance at work. Based on the feedback, we will be able to develop the guidance of specializing physicians at both the unit, hospital as well as HUS level. 


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