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Wound Center

  • wound care
  • care instructions

HUS Wound Center is a collaborative organization formed by the plastic surgery, vascular surgery, and dermatology clinics. We treat patients in the wound clinics in these specialties, as well as in separate multidisciplinary outpatient clinics and wound rounds.

In our activities, we focus on wound prevention, unifying the treatment of wound patients, developing a functional system for outpatient care, and setting up a network of contact persons of professionals in wound care.
We organize wound care training, participate in research work, and have also joined international networks. 

The Wound Center provides advice to health care professionals in the Uusimaa region on general matters associated with the treatment of wound patients:

  • treatment products
  • prevention of swelling
  • prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers
  • treatment chains
  • instructions on referrals

 Multidisciplinary weekly wound rounds

  • In Skin and Allergy Hospital
  • In Espoo Hospital
  • In Laakso Hospital

Multidisciplinary outpatient clinics on alternate weeks

  • In Skin and Allergy Hospital
  • In Meilahti vascular surgery unit