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Patient and staff catering

  • lunch services
  • patient meals

Our nutritional care professionals plan and serve tasty and high-quality meals for both recovering patients and the hospital staff every day.

Ravitsemistyöntekijät asettavat ruokia linjastolle lounasravintolassa

Our nutritional experts take the nutritional quality of patient meals carefully into consideration already at the planning stage. Our catering workers prepare patient meals professionally in accordance with the nutritional recommendations of each age group, taking into account numerous special diets. 

We serve nutritious and healthy food in our cafeterias. In addition to the staff of the hospitals, patients, their family members and other visitors are also welcome to enjoy a meal in our cafeterias.

In addition to lunch options, most of our restaurants have the possibility of assembling a fresh salad yourself or choosing a meal from the barbecue station. In addition, some of our restaurants offer tasty breakfast with many options.

From our cafeterias, you can easily choose small savory and sweet little take away treats and other delicious products prepared on site to take with you.



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