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HUS Pharmacy

We are the largest hospital pharmacy in Finland. In the best interests of our customers and patients, we provide pharmaceutical services and clinical pharmacy services, monitor compliance with pharmaceutical legislation, and are responsible for the pharmaceutical reservation of Joint Authority HUS, and municipalities.

We cooperate with the clinical care units in specialist medical care, HUS Specific Catchment Area, primary health care, and other partners. In addition to HUS, our customers include the municipalities of the Uusimaa region and the Kymenlaakso Joint Authority of Social and Health Services (Kymsote).

HUS Apteekin lääketoimitus, varastointiautomaatti

Customer service

We are available to our customers in response to questions related to medicines and their handling, among other things. We work in close cooperation with our customers and develop our activities based on customer feedback. We ensure the availability of medicines for hospitals and institutions through emergency services even when our pharmacy is closed.

Pharmaceutical purchases and selection

We tender medicines and similar products to the needs of our customers and devise our selection of medicines in cooperation with experts and our customers. We direct use of medication and report to our customers on the cost of medicines.

We secure access to medicines by obtaining medicines with special permits and by importing medicines ourselves. During the delivery phase of medicines, we ensure the range and expediency of the medicines.


We deliver medicines to our clients in both specialist medical care and primary health care by utilizing automation. In our cleanrooms, we manufacture medicines on a large scale for the treatment and examination of our patients. With our pharmaceutical manufacturing, we respond to patients' individual medication needs when a commercial medicine is not available.

Similarly, our cytotoxic drug manufacturing produces patient-specific drug doses utilizing automation. Our expertise is also used in the aseptic manufacture of radioisotopes.

We provide mechanical dose distribution services to primary health care customers, which increases the drug safety of our patients and reduces medicine waste for our customers.


Our services include clinical pharmacy, pharmaceutical information, medical logistics, clinical drug trials, and community pharmacy.

Our clinical pharmacy services include medication safety checks, medication updates, medication safety audits, and ward pharmacy. With our service, we are involved in ensuring the proper handling and storage of medicines. In addition, we are also involved in ensuring the implementation of rational drug therapy, for example, by identifying and resolving medication problems of our patients.

Our pharmaceutical information unit provides our customers with instructions related to the handling and use of medicines. We are involved in clinical drug trials by supplying research drugs and, if necessary, manufacturing them. We have also provided our customers with smart medicine cabinets to promote the management of medicines and drug safety on the wards. We produce infusion trolley filling as a pharmaceutical logistics service.

We also deliver medication for communicable diseases to patients of our community pharmacy.

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