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Chain messengers

In chain messenger activity, we offer the health and social services professionals in Helsinki and the Uusimaa region short learning or introductory periods in primary health care, specialised medical care, and social services.

The trainings we offer are:

  • one or two-day introductory periods 
  • one or two-week learning periods.

During the introduction and learning periods, you will be able to meet actors in the sector and update your know-how. You can also perform periods via remote connection.

You can either apply for or offer a place for an introductory or learning period.  

During the introductory period we offer, the employee is in an employment relationship or office-holder position with their employer, who will pay the wages and any travel expenses to be reimbursed during the introductory or learning period. There is no entry fee for chain messenger activities.

You can read more about chain messengers and view open positions and applications when apply for user credentials via this link.

We coordinate chain messenger activities at the HUS Primary Health Care Unit.