Support to patients

At HUS, further information and support to patients is offered by various contact people:
  • The patient ombudsman offers advice and information on the rights of patients.  They also provide assistance if a patient wishes to make a complaint regarding health care or medical care provision. (linkki Potilasasiamiesten sivulle)

  • A social worker offers advice on financial issues and social and health care services. They provide guidance to patients on the benefits available through social security services.

  • The hospital pastor provides spiritual care and guidance to patients and their friends and families. The pastor is the specialist on spiritual matters at the hospital. The hospital pastor works for the Evangelical-Lutheran church. Hospital staff will help patients of other denominations or patients who are not members of any church to contact their respective communities.
    Anyone can contact the hospital chaplain when they:
    - need someone to talk to
    - are anxious or depressed
    - face difficult questions or decisions
    - need a moment of silence, wish to pray, or to receive communion
    - require religious and sacramental care at the hospital
    - need bereavement care
    - want to say farewell to a deceased person
    - want to talk to someone from their own religious community

    More detailed information on service hours and contact information is available from the hospital’s website. Information is also available from the nursing staff and on the bulletin boards.