Seeking medical attention when you are a foreigner or from a different municipality

If you are from a different municipality and require emergency care, you will be treated at the emergency clinics of HUS health centres. Patients from other municipalities are transferred to the unit offering specialist medical care in their place of residence, provided that the transfer does not pose a risk to the patient's condition.
The current Health Care Act includes an option for patients to choose the specialist medical care unit within their specialist medical care area where they wish to be treated.
As of 1 January 2014, freedom of choice is extended to all units offering specialist medical care in Finland. It is recommended that patients select the most appropriate unit together with the referring physician.

Medical care for foreigners

Treatment is always provided to anyone requiring emergency care, including foreigners. The EU Directive on patients' rights is not yet fully implemented in Finland, but its implementation will offer expanded possibilities for cross-border medical care within the EU.