Patient documents and confidentiality of information

Patient documents


Patient documents refer to all documents needed to arrange and provide care for a patient. Patient documents contain information about the patient's health and other personal data.
Health care professionals record in patient documents the necessary and correct information for the planning, arrangement, provision, and monitoring of patient care. Only relevant information is entered into patient documents.
Patient documents can only be accessed by members of the HUS hospital personnel participating in the diagnosis, treatment, and care of the patient. A treatment relationship is required for access. Patient documents are used when health care professionals make statements about the patient's care

Confidentiality of information

The information contained in patient documents is confidential. Information acquired while at work shall not be disclosed to outsiders without written consent from the patient. An outsider is a person who does not participate in the care of the patient or care-related tasks. Only persons employed by the health care unit and participating in the diagnosis, treatment, and care of the patient are entitled to have access to patient documents.
The personnel and students working at HUS are bound by confidentiality.
If you suspect unauthorised access to your patient documents, ask for a log report of the register. All data processing events by an individual user are logged in the report.