Misunderstandings between a patient and care giver related to the treatment and care of a patient can often be resolved through open discussion, and any errors or shortcomings can be corrected at once.

According to the act on patients' rights, patients who are not satisfied with their treatment have the right to submit a written objection to the director responsible for health care in the relevant health care unit. The purpose of an objection is to recover mutual respect and restore confidence in the treatment. A decision has to be given within a reasonable amount of time.

If, when the objection is processed, it becomes apparent that the care or treatment of the patient causes liability for patient injury, the patient is advised on how to report patient injury.

An objection may be submitted in free-text form or using a template. An objection should include the author's name, personal identity code, and contact details, as well as the object (name, department) and the date and time when the subject of the objection happened. Include an explanation of what happened, when and where; what the flaws or shortcomings were; and how you expect the hospital to correct the situation.
Sign the objection and send it to: HUS-kuntayhtymä, Kirjaamo, P.O. BOX 200, 00029 HUS.


An appeal is addressed to the authorities responsible for health care supervision (Regional State Administrative Agencies and Valvira, the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health).

Appeals regarding suspected malpractice leading to the death or severe injury of a patient are addressed to Valvira. Appeals raising cause to interfere with a health care professional's right to practice are also addressed to Valvira.

Other appeals are addressed to the regional state administrative agencies.

Filing a claim for patient injury

You can file a claim for patient injury to apply for monetary compensation from the Patient Insurance Centre, if you suspect that you have been injured by your care. You must apply for compensation within three years of when the person entitled to compensation received information of the injury or should have known about it.

The Finnish Patient Insurance Centre processes applications and pays compensation for patient injuries in Finland. Based on the provisions laid down in the Patient Injuries Act, the Patient Insurance Centre decides whether the patient has been injured by care and is entitled to compensation paid from patient insurance.