Access to treatment

In Finland, any person requiring urgent medical care will be treated irrespective of their place of residence. Urgent medical care refers to the immediate assessment and treatment of a condition that is life-threatening or that seriously endangers the person's health.

Time limits have been determined to guarantee access to non-emergency care within a reasonable time frame. Admission to hospital is by referral only. At the hospital, the assessment of your need for care is initiated within three weeks of the arrival of a referral. If a specialist opinion or further examinations are required for the assessment of your need for care, the assessment and the required examinations must be completed within three months of the arrival of a referral. If a need for medical care is established, treatment must be initiated within six months of reaching this conclusion.

The patient is informed of the date of access to care. If that date is changed, the patient must be immediately informed of the new date and the reason for the change.

Emergency care details