Use of patient information

Under the Act on Electronic Processing of Customer Information in Social Welfare and Health Care and its amendments, in order to determine or exercise their right regarding the use of their personal data, patients are entitled to know who has accessed their data and  to whom their data has been disclosed, and the reasons for accessing or disclosing this data. The social welfare or health care service provider is obliged to provide this data upon written request.

Under the same Act, a log must be kept of access to patient information. Patients can request a copy of the patient register log file by filling out the appropriate form (Potilasrekisterin lokitietopyyntö, available in Finnish and Swedish) or by sending a free-form request. A request for an excerpt of the patient register log file is processed as a request for information and does not require any additional reporting or clearance.

If you suspect that your patient information has been accessed without due cause and you want the matter to be investigated, fill out a form to request investigation of access to patient information (Selvityspyyntö potilastietojen käsittelystä, available in Finnish and Swedish). You can also make a free-form request. However, free-form requests and completed forms should both contain an explanation as to why a request for investigating access to patient data has been made.