Access to patient information

Patients are entitled to access their patient information. If you need to forward your patient information to the authorities, an insurance company or a private practitioner, for example, please fill out a form to request a copy of your patient record (Potilaskertomustietojen kopiopyyntö, available in Finnish and Swedish). Print and sign the form and send it to the relevant address (see bottom of the form).

Reviewing your patient record


If you want to check the data entered into your patient records under the Personal Data Act Section 26, Right of Access, please fill out a form to request access to data entered into the patient register (Potilasrekisterin tarkastuspyyntö, available in Finnish and Swedish). You can also write a free-form request for access to your personal data. Remember to mention that you wish to exercise your right under the Personal Data Act.
According to the Personal Data Act, right of access is a personal right, and to exercise that right you need to sign the request for access yourself. For the same reason, this right of access cannot be exercised on behalf of another person, not even with authorisation. Furthermore, the appointed guardian of a minor or person with reduced capacity does not have right of access to patient data unless it has been explicitly granted in the decision on guardianship.
A request to access patient data can be denied if reviewing the data entered in patient records could pose a serious risk to the patient's health or treatment, or to another person. If a request to access patient data is denied, HUS is obliged to provide the patient with a written certificate stating the grounds for not granting the request.