Promotion of safe patient care

Up-to-date health records
  • If there have been changes in your health information, please make sure that the nursing staff has got the latest health information about you.
Confirmation of identity
  • Please remind the staff if they have not remembered to ask your name when performing examinations, administering medication or handling test or examination results. If you are an inpatient on a ward or you are attending a procedure or an examination, you also need to wear a wrist band for identification purposes.
  • It is important to keep the list of your medicines up-to-date. Tell us what prescription and self-care medicines as well as vitamins and natural drugs you take. Also let us know if you suffer from any drug hypersensitivities. Make sure you get the medication you take at home regularly.
  • Participate in planning your treatment and making decisions and give feedback on your treatment. It is also important to follow the instructions that you receive and to say if something is difficult for you.


Don’t hesitate to ask!

  • If you are worried about something, ask the staff about it. You can ask, for example, about the available treatment alternatives, your medicines or the progress of your treatment. Make sure that you have understood everything correctly. Also tell the nursing staff if you are in pain. You can also contact the unit responsible for your care later.
The presence of family and close friends 
  • A close friend or a family member can participate in your care if they wish.