Finnish Heart Association 

The Finnish Heart Association is a public health and patient organisation promoting heart health. It consists of approximately 80,000 individual members, 237 local societies, 19 regions, and nationwide organisations for young heart patients (Finnish Association for Heart Children and Adults), heart or lung transplanted patients ( SYKE ry) and cardiomyopathy patients (Karpatiat ry). The association has a staff of some 80 employees. The Finnish Heart Association’s Hoida sydäntäsi section (in Finnish)explains the types and symptoms of heart diseases as well as treatment, rehabilitation and social security.
Information for regional heart associations, local societies and national member organisations is available here.
Helsingin Sydänpiiri and Uudenmaan Sydänpiiri (both sites in Finnish) are regional societies of the Finnish Heart Association. The regional societies, together with public health care providers, develop new rehabilitation methods for patients with a heart condition. The objective is to provide the patient with the necessary treatment, and constant guidance and support for home care through the different stages of their illness. 
The societies arrange lectures and events related to heart health, individual and group counselling, and rehabilitation courses for patients, their friends and families, and anyone else interested in their heart health.
Helsingin Sydänpiiri (seven societies) and Uudenmaan sydänpiiri (17 societies) run local activities to actively prevent cardiovascular diseases, and participate in the treatment and rehabilitation of patients diagnosed with a heart disease.  More information on the activities of the societies is available on their own websites.
Patients are free to choose which heart society they wish to join. Member benefits include the Sydän (Heart) magazine, published five times a year, and a wide range of other benefits. The societies arrange lectures, rehabilitative exercise groups, peer support, interesting trips and other types of get-togethers.
All activities focus on promoting heart health and improving the quality of patients’ lives.