The Cancer Society of Finland is one of the biggest national health organisations in Finland, with a membership of approximately 130,000 people.

Cancer Society of Finland
  • Offers support and rehabilitation to cancer patients and their friends and families
  • Disseminates information on cancer prevention and health promotion
  • Maintains a registry of cancers and mass-screenings
  • Provides funding for scientific cancer research

The Cancer Society of Finland comprises:

  • The Cancer Society of Finland with its member organizations:
    • 12 regional cancer societies
    • 5 national patient organisations
  • The Finnish Cancer Registry and the Mass-Screening Registry
  • Cancer Foundation and the Finnish Foundation for Cancer Research
    • Foundation for the Finnish Cancer Institute

Information for member associations

Breast Cancer Association - Europa Donna Finland ry

Eturauhassyöpäpotilaiden tuki ry (ERSY) Support organisation for prostate cancer patients