Patient organisations

This page contains information on patient organisations and public health organisations. 

A patient organisation focuses on a particular illness, a medical condition or a disability. Membership consists primarily of people suffering from a particular illness, those who have recovered from an illness, or family members. The organisations operate locally or nationally across Finland. Patient organisations provide information, advocacy, peer support, training, rehabilitation and social events, and they act as lobby groups.

The network of patient organisations in Finland is extensive with a large number of active participants. Social and health care organisations have approximately 180,000 voluntary workers in addition to 32,500 employees on payroll. Many patient organisations rely heavily on voluntary workers; some operate entirely without any paid staff.

These pages contain links to the websites of various organisations. They offer a wide range of information, allowing you to choose the best way for you to participate in their activities. Some of the links refer to pages which are available only in Finnish and Swedish.