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HUS Helsinki University Hospital with its 2.1 million inhabitants across specific catchment areas and 24 member municipalities offers an ideal setting for vaccine research. HUS stands out as the largest provider of medical treatment in Finland, serving about half a million patients in its various units every year. 
In addition to generally healthy subjects, MeVac can recruit patients of special populations from HUS Helsinki University Hospital. For some rare or demanding illnesses, HUS is the only service provider in Finland.
MeVac facilities have been designed with clinical vaccine trials in mind; blood samples can be taken and managed as applicable. When needed, amenities provided by HUS's business enterprises and support services are also available, such as HUS Pharmacy and the accredited laboratory HUSLAB. Clinical Research Institute HUCH Ltd. is responsible for agreements and finance. 
Currently we conduct trials in all phases except phase I. We have a variety of channels for recruiting subjects among which to choose the ones best suited for each research plan.


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Director of MeVac, Professor of Infectious Diseases 
Anu Kantele
+358 50 427 0203
MeVac Physician-in-charge, Adjunct Professor, Specialist in Otorhinolaryngology
Karin Blomgren
+358 50 427 1579
MeVac Research
Rauni Pakarinen
+358 50 311 6365



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