Self-service registration

​You can register for outpatient clinic or other units at the self-service registration counter. After registration, the registration machine requests you to move to the lobby or close to the room where you will have the appointment.

Please note that you cannot register for imaging or laboratory examinations at the self-service counter. The appointment letter sent to you contains instructions on whether you should register at the self-service counter or at the registration desk.

The following hospitals have self-service registration counters:

  • Hyvinkää Hospital
  • Skin and Allergy Hospital
  • Jorvi Hospital
  • Surgical Hospital
  • Lohja Hospital
  • Meilahti Triangle Hospital
  • Meilahti Tower Hospital
  • Women's Hospital
  • Peijas Hospital
  • Porvoo Hospital
  • Raasepori Hospital
  • Eye and Ear Hospital
  • Department of Oncology
  • Töölö Hospital