Electronic services

We at HUS provide our patients and clients digital services as well. ​ We offer our patients an increasing number of communication and treatment related services that are available regardless of time and place.


We are also constantly developing new solutions and services together with our partners and patients. Improving our digital services is one of our central aims.


For more information on our online services, please contact the unit responsible for your care.


Visit HUS's online services


You can give HUS feedback concerning your treatment, our online services, or in general. Your feedback is important to us–it helps us develop our service. Anyone can give us open feedback. Some units send feedback questionnaires via SMS.


  •   Live chats and chatbots

We currently have several live chats and chatbots in use. Chatbots are robots that answer questions as in a regular conversation. In live chats however, a real person answers your questions. Live chats and chatbots are also available via Terveyskylä (in Finnish). 

HUS Imaging Center’s chatbot Neuvo is for customers who have an upcoming medical imaging examination. It can answer questions about appointment booking, opening hours and how to find the examination location, for example.

  •  Remote appointments

You will be notified in case your scheduled time is replaced with a remote appointment. Use Maisa remote appointment system when seeking care at the following units: Peijas, Hyvinkää, Lohja, Porvoo, Raasepori or Jorvi hospitals, psychiatric ward or gynecology and obstetrics ward. (www.maisa.fi)

Other patients may use My Path (Omapolku) for remote appointments. Visit My Path at www.terveyskyla.fi (service available only in Finnish) 

Some situations may require special measures. Each online platform used at HUS is confirmed secure and trustworthy.​

Maisa is an online customer service portal that has been introduced at some HUS units along with Apotti. In Maisa, you can view your booked appointments, communicate with professionals, and check examination results and summaries of your appointments. Some units allow you to book an appointment yourself via Maisa. Contact the unit responsible for your care for more information about this option. You need to be a patient in HUS to use Maisa. Signing in to Maisa requires strong electronic authentication, so you need to have online banking credentials or a mobile certificate.


The symptom navigators in Terveyskylä help you to assess your symptoms to find out if further actions are needed, or where you can find help. (Only in Finnish.)

You can also use the symptom questionnaires available via Omaolo (in Finnish and Swedish) in addition to HUS’s online services.


  • ​   ​​Omapolku, digital treatment pathways

​Omapolku in Terveyskylä is a digital healthcare service channel. In Omapolku, patients can see all the digital treatment pathways open for them as well as the self-care guides open for all. In Omapolku, your health information and treatment-related tasks, instructions and diaries are always available for you. Your information is visible only to the healthcare professionals treating you. The service is secure and free of charge. (Only in Finnish.)


  •  In Omavointi, you can fill out questionnaires related to your treatment. (Only in Finnish.) 

You can call Medical Helpline in sudden health issues when your health center is closed. You will be instructed to the correct place of care or you will receive advice on self-care. 


You can check if the emergency departments in different hospitals are crowded and the length of waiting times on our website

Päivystystalo also has information about HUS’s emergency services. (in Finnish)


Terveyskylä is an online service for specialised healthcare available to all. It offers information, support and care for patients and tools for professionals. Terveyskylä has 32 differently themed virtual houses where you can find answers to your health-related questions. (Only in Finnish.)


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