You can give HUS feedback on development of operations and services or on good treatment and service. Feedback allows you to participate and influence the development of services.

You can give feedback via customer satisfaction questionnaire or as open feedback. In open feedback, you can write ‘HUS’ as the unit to give general feedback which does not concern a single unit.

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Also the following HUS units may receive targeted feedback. HUS Asvia (former Support Services) cover cleaning, patient and personnel catering, lobby, and medical transcription, among others. 

Various ways to give feedback 

Customer satisfaction survey can be filled in by patients who have been treated in HUS and by HUS’s customers. The survey is anonymous so it is not recorded who gave the feedback. The person responsible for feedback reads the answers in the unit. Contact the unit for instructions on how to give feedback.
Open feedback can be given by anyone, either general feedback or to a certain hospital or unit. The feedback is send to persons responsible for feedback.
In problematic situations, you can contact the unit directly.
Patient ombudsmen help when making objections and appeals.

Instructions on giving feedback


  • Feedback can be given anonymously. If you wish to receive an answer, please leave your contact information.
  • Do not write your social security number or confidential information about your or someone else’s care.
  • For data protection reasons, questions concerning individual care are not answered via the feedback system. In these cases, it is best to contact the unit treating you.
  • You cannot cancel your booked appointment with the feedback forms.