Feedback and development measures in Inflammation Center

In 2018, Inflammation Center has responded to development ideas from patients in various ways, such as by updating and clarifying patient instructions.  You can share development ideas with and give feedback to the staff directly or via feedback forms.  

The number and structure of information notices on the walls of the waiting area has been improved

We have reduced the number of information notices on the waiting area walls, and the most important notices were organised in a logical order.

Better information flow to patients in many areas

We will pay further attention to providing information to patients about appointment times being late and location of parking places for patients, for example. Additionally, we see to informing patients if their appointment is also attended by medical or nursing students.

Patients give thanks for good care and congeniality


"Top professionals who served me with kindness and carried out all procedures in a manner that made this fearful patient calm down and feel happy."
"You ALWAYS help me in such a kind and capable manner. I leave happy every time! The whole building is full of wonderful nurses."

Comments have been gathered from feedback forms collected from visitors.