Customer feedback in Psychiatry is discussed on unit-level, e.g. in weekly meetings with the patients and in the units’ own staff meetings. Based on the feedback, we aim to develop our services together with the patients.

Patients give thanks for good care and congeniality

“This is exactly the page I needed to express my opinion. I was very happy with the care and staff at the day ward. When I arrived to the day ward, for the first time in a long while, I noticed the unhurried atmosphere. It felt so wonderful and funny. Time stood still. All this time in the morning was just for me. It felt good. The program was versatile. The staff was nice and discussion was easy.”
“I was able to contact the staff quickly when needed. The staff was very friendly. The facilities at the ward were mainly pleasant, clean and functional (e.g. toilet, shower etc.). Mainly, the ward was safe and calm. My mother passed away during my treatment period and I received plenty of discussion support and compassion. The doctor was positive towards my suggestions about the treatment and medication.”

“The nurses were really motivated in their profession.

Comments have been gathered from feedback forms collected from patientsomments have been gathered from feedback forms collected from patients

Flow of information

Based on the feedback, we have tried to improve the information patients receive about the treatment unit, e.g. we have improved and elaborated the contents of invitation letters. We have improved how we inform the patients about treatment-related issues and their illnesses while also taking into consideration the needs of the loved ones.
Meaningful activities
Based on the feedback, we have devised and implemented meaningful activities for the inpatient treatment periods.
We have acquired games for the patients and made excursions outside the ward. 

We have paid attention to cosiness by e.g. updating furniture and plants, and acquired small appliances for the patients to use, e.g. coffee makers and toasters.

Treatment staff members are always present in the common areas. When acquiring items and appliances, we have made sure they are safe and easy to use, as requested in patient feedback.

In patient discussions, we always aim to protect the patients’ privacy by having the discussions alone in patient, treatment or conference rooms.
“I give thanks for many things, the following among others: Supporting the patient, attention, kindness and humanity, which are conveyed in gestures and words. Widely trained staff: nurses, doctors, a physiotherapist and an occupational therapist, a psychologist. A doctor on-call when needed. Medication and quick reactions when changes are needed. Laboratory tests to measure physical treatment. Encouraging participation in activities and calming down when necessary. Versatile food and taking special diets into consideration. Treatment around the clock. Holding on to the daily rhythm. Even the illusion of safety and help nearby in the hospital eases the mental burden. Planning future treatment and knowing that I won’t be left alone if I cannot take it. Humane level of daily fees when compared to the actual costs of the care. Clean facilities. All in all, I give thanks for the comprehensive care! :)”