Feedback follow-ups

Feedback helps to develop operations and improve services. The gathered information is used in customer service, development of services, and management.
Majority of feedback is recognition of good care and service, which encourages to keep up the good work.
“Good, friendly staff, a warm thank you to you all.
I was treated as an individual, not as part of a mass.
The food at the ward was good and the night nurses were empathic and skilled.
 The doctors explained carefully what procedures they were performing. They were very kind and empathic. Thank you very much!”
Based on feedback, the following actions, among others, have been done in the units
Improving the flow of information 

  • Instructions and signs have been clarified and added. The unit’s daily schedule and menu have been brought forward more.
  • Service in Swedish has been secured. For example, already when booking the appointment the patient’s preferred language is written down and the aim is to have staff skilled in that language available at the appointment.

Securing privacy

  • To secure the patient's privacy in shared patient rooms, the aim is to have the doctor's round in the doctor's office if the patient’s condition allows it.
  • Privacy is improved by noting speaking volume in rooms with other persons present.

Improving fair treatment

  • Customer service and work community training for staff has begun.
    Other matters
  • The staff has been reminded not the wear scents while working with patients.
  • Telephone services have been improved with e.g. a Contact Center
  • Early appointments in laboratories have been increased to reduce the morning rush.
  • A snack machine has been installed in the emergency room's lobby.