Musculoskeletal and Plastic Surgery

During 2018, the Department of Musculoskeletal and Plastic Surgery has focused on responding and reacting to feedback and development suggestions from customers and patients. Our treatment units, department’s management group, quality control work group and customer panel, among others, have gone over the feedback we have received. Completed development efforts are compiled in the department triannually. 

We have improved our operations in various ways based on the feedback received between September and December 2018.


Efforts have been made to shorten wait times

We have developed Wound Outpatient Clinic operations and changed the templates for appointment booking.

Improved discharge process


We have aimed at streamlining the discharge process by starting its planning earlier. We have updated the discharge and nutrition instructions. When training the staff, special attention has been paid to the discharge process. Having discussions and interaction with the patients is very important. 
Patients give thanks for good care and congeniality: 

“My questions were always answered properly and kindly by staff members no matter what their job description was”

 “I want to thank the whole chain of health care from the first examinations to surgery, from surgery to the wards and then back to the outpatient clinic. The whole chain works very well, professionally and competently. Patient-centered approach, pain relief, listening to and hearing the patient, kind and empathic treatment, professionalism... All of it. 


“Thank you for your kind, expert treatment and service. Positively among the best hospital experiences I’ve ever had!”​

Comments have been gathered from feedback forms collected from visitors.

Staff ID cards visible

Based on feedback messages we have received, the staff has been reminded to use their official ID cards. When in a customer service situation, it is important that the patient knows what is the profession of the staff member they are dealing with.

Unprofessional behaviour addressed

Operational guidelines are available for cases concerning unprofessional behaviour by a staff member. Unprofessional behaviour has been addressed according to these guidelines when necessary. The department's staff has paid attention to introducing oneself and communication skills in general.

We wish for more feedback

The department wishes to receive more feedback in order to develop activities towards a more customer-centered service. We have looked at our customer feedback process as a whole.

We aim to offer customers the chance to leave feedback either electronically or via a paper feedback form. The instructions on giving feedback have been updated, and the forms are now more visible and readily available. In future, our goal is to make the feedback-based development efforts more visible to customers.

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