Feedback for Medical Imaging Center and development measures

Medical Imaging Center has over 60 units in the Uusimaa and Kymenlaakso region. Majority of examinations are performed in specialized health care but a significant amount (approx. 40%) are performed in primary health care.

Patients who have been in examinations may give feedback by filling in a paper form or by using the quick feedback device, which also allows open-form feedback. It is also possible to give feedback online.

Medical Imaging Center uses the feedback to continuously improve customer experience and services.

The feedback is discussed on unit and management level, in customer experience steering groups, in the customer panel, and as part of the quality programme.

Between 1 January and 30 October 2018, Medical Imaging Center received 535 individual feedback responses. 60% of those were positive.


Patients thank for the treatment

"It was a nice feeling when the nurse asked me in between how I felt. My visit took 5 hours. Thanks to everyone."

 "Quick and friendly service, thank you."


Excerpts from the feedback


Performed actions and launched development projects based on the feedback


  • We have added a Swedish language option in the phone service.
  • Patients have been confused about how to book an appointment for mammography. To help, we have now a dedicated team within customer services that helps with mammography ​appointment booking.
  • Preparations and appointment booking instructions used in primary health care have been clarified together with the customer panel.
  • As part of a Lean project, we have improved and clarified signs in Meilahti X-ray unit. Instructions for patients arriving to the Meilahti X-ray unit have been clarified, as well as the letter that is sent home. 
  • We have included a map in the e-letter, which helps patients to find their way to the X-ray and MRI Unit inside the Meilahti Hospital.
  • To improve communication, digital screens are now in use in the Meilahti, Iso Omena, Leppävaara, Kilo, and Elielinaukio imaging units. The info screens will also be installed to the Meilahti X-ray Unit.
  • Our webpages and patient instructions have been clarified together with our customer panel.
  • An evaluation form has been made for customer visits. The form is used by the customer panel and experts by experience. On the form, they can mark their experience regarding arrival, signs, reception, and the examination itself. Our webpages and patient instructions have been clarified together with our customer panel.
  • Elielinaukio unit is now open later in the evenings and is open also on Saturdays.