Feedback for Lohja hospital area and development measures

Feedback received at the Lohja hospital area is managed and discussed on unit level, for example during weekly staff meetings and in unit leading group meetings. Based on the received development proposals, efforts are made to improve patient centered services and performance.
Based on feedback from patients and relatives, the comfort and the colorfulness of the recovery rooms have been improved by adding visual art to the walls.
The functionality of recovery room-II has been improved by adding low shelves to separate the recovery area from the play area. This way the toys won’t travel outside the play area.
Patients thanking for the care and treatment
Acute care
  • Good doctors and nurses. Thank you.
  • It was nice to use the Lohja hospital services again. Very knowledgeable nursing personnel, nice environment. All the people are positive and empathetic. A special thank you to the nurse who guided me holding my hand, a true healthcare person.


Labor, women’s and children’s diseases:

  • I want to thank the midwife who cared for me during my labor. You were present in the situation, you knew how to calm me down, you explained the progress of the labor and what procedures were made. You answered all my stupid questions and kept this nervous mom calm.  Your heart was in place and your professionalism at the top. A healthy baby was born, and I would also like to thank all the midwives and the pediatrician who cared for me during the entire hospitalization period.
  • A special thank you to the doctor for her expertise and the new method that she chose to you implement in my situation. The entire work team are amazing women. Grateful for the care I received. 


Internal medicine

  • Appropriate and friendly service. Timetables were kept.

Comments have been collected from feedback forms filled by patients and customers.
Labor, women’s and children’s diseases
For the staff to serve patients in both Finnish and Swedish, work shift planning is done in such a way that both languages are ensured to be available during each shift.