Feedback and development measures in Internal Medicine and Rehabilitation

In 2018, Internal Medicine and Rehabilitation received a total of 1251 individual feedback responses. The feedback has been discussed by ward personnel, management, and the customer panel. We use the feedback to develop our services in various ways.
Improving customer service and treatment of patients
We organized visual impairment awareness training and customer service training to our ward staff. We intervene immediately in cases of inappropriate behaviour towards patients or their family members.
Patients give thanks for good care and congeniality
Comments have been gathered from feedback forms collected from visitors.
ukko ja akka2.png”The staff at the ward is amazing; they treat customers as individuals and are so friendly.”

“Rehabilitation was really worth it. I received great expert advice. I am very pleased.”

“Very kind and professional nurses, doctors, and other staff. All in all, my treatment period was very pleasant. A big thank you to the entire staff.”
Improving information flow
Notice boards will be updated and we will add hospital chaplains’ contact information and the cafeteria’s opening hours, among other information.

Improving patient instructions
Immigrants sometimes have difficulties in understanding the given instructions even with the help of an interpreter. We aim to improve this by making sure they understand the instructions correctly.

Improved hand hygiene protocols
Use of hand sanitizer will be reinforced and its consumption will be monitored. No watches, rings, or nail polish are to be worn in nursing.

Scale 1.00–5.00cale 1.00–5.00
Net Promoter Score 95.8/100