HUS Support Services

​HUS Support Services is the largest support service organisation in Finland. We offer our healthcare and social welfare customers versatile service packages that meet their unique needs with swift expertise.

Our motto is “We only provide excellent customer service”. This is made sure by our 3,500 experts who work daily as integral part of the customer’s journey.
In addition to the patients, HUS Support Services customers include staff members and member municipalities.

Customers can give feedback on HUS Support Services in general or on a specific service. Our customer satisfaction survey is directed to the patients and it can be used to give feedback on food, nutrition, and cleaning. We have 2–3 periods a year when we gather feedback more intensively. We aim to use electronic feedback systems and customers can give feedback with their own smart devices or by using the devices available in the treatment units. We have also implemented quick feedback devices where the customer can give their feedback directly in the service situation. 

At HUS Support Services, we go through the feedback as soon as possible and constantly use the feedback to improve our activities. Summaries of the feedback are discussed at HUS Support Services service lines, in the executive group, and in customer and expert by experience panels, so that the most important development subjects can be identified.

From 1 October to 31 December 2018, HUS Support Services has received 72 messages via open feedback channels. We have identified the following themes from the feedback:

      1. Implementing the five star customer encounter modelplementing the five star customer encounter model
      2. Emphasis on environmental responsibility
      3. Directing customers to the correct place of care as smoothly as possible
      4. Emphasis on customer encounter and listening in all services


“Thank you to the entire staff for the great, considerate and good quality care. Considering the expectant mother, it was wonderful that the cooperation worked also with the maternity ward. I would also like to thank HUS Support Services for delicious food.”
“Thank you for the friendly service during my treatment period. The patient transporter was especially nice and helpful.”
These comments have been gathered from the customer feedback.