Feedback for Hyvinkää Hospital Area and development measures

Hyvinkää Hospital Area operates in Hyvinkää Hospital and Kellokoski Hospital. In addition, all municipalities in the hospital area have psychiatric outpatient units. Hyvinkää Hospital is an acute hospital with an emergency clinic, 24/7 surgery services, maternity services, and regional joint emergency clinic. Kellokoski Hospital has two adult psychiatric wards, which will, in early 2019, transfer to the new building currently under construction near Hyvinkää Hospital. We serve 190,000 inhabitants of the hospital area's municipalities, but also produce pediatric and gynecology services for the municipalities in Eastern Uusimaa and the City of Kerava, as well as some of the southernmost municipalities in Kanta-Häme Hospital District.
The customer's voice is heard

The feedback we receive is discussed regularly and it is used in the development of our services:
Improving accessibility
Some outpatient clinics have implemented a call-back service, where the patient is promised a call-back during the same weekday. This has helped us achieve a situation where there are no missed calls. The average time the patient waits for a call-back is 0.3–4 hours.
As part of the Terveyskylä.fi project, we are also planning digital treatment pathways. Contacting a specialized healthcare professional becomes easier as patients receive treatment-related information and are able to fill out questionnaires to convey information to their place of care online. We aim to launch our first digital treatment pathways in Hyvinkää Hospital in gynecology and neurology in 2018.
Patients give thanks for good care and congeniality
The plentiful positive feedback we have received from customers also supports our patient-oriented operations.

 “Thank you for the wonderful and humane, comprehensive care.” (Psychiatry services)

“A kind meeting with all staff members. The whole thing was over in three hours. Thank you!” (Emergency services)

“Thank you for giving me time and understanding my fears. You are so wonderful!” (Maternity services)

“Nowhere else have I met nurses as friendly as here. Hurry doesn’t stop them from meeting and helping customers. I have felt relaxed during the entire treatment period. Thank you to the nurses at the ward!” (Ward services)

“The doctor was nice!” (Pediatric services)
“It was so lovely when my pain was taken seriously and action was taken immediately.” (Rehabilitation services)


Medical Helpline service in evaluating the need for treatment, and new facilities for pediatric emergencies
Hyvinkää Hospital Joint Emergency Clinic treats over 50,000 customers every year. Occasionally, the waiting times for a physician's appointment have been quite long. Since spring 2018, evaluating the need for treatment over the phone has been possible due to the launch of Medical Helpline (116 117). The service concentrates on urgent medical issues and is open around the clock. Registered nurses and public health nurses trained for the task answer all Medical Helpline calls. If necessary, they will consult a physician. If the caller’s situation does not require a visit to the emergency clinic, they are given home care instructions or instructed to visit their local health center or other service provider during office hours. This helps to reduce rush at the emergency clinic.
In October 2018, the pediatric emergency clinic moved to new facilities. 
Improving information flow
Ward services have developed a brochure for the customers by, for example, mapping out the matters that the customers saw to be the most important issues to know immediately when arriving to the ward. Signs in the hospital will be unified and clarified as the facilities are renovated. Feedback and customer panels have been used in the development measures.
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