Comprehensive Cancer Center

Comprehensive Cancer Center has responded to the development ideas from patients and customers in various ways. Feedback has been collected with several methods (electronically, on paper, and with devices placed in the units). The feedback is discussed in the units and in the department’s management meetings. Comprehensive Cancer Center’s patient panel (currently customer panel), which was established in 2016, has actively participated in the development of services and discussion of customer feedback. 

Patients give thanks for good care and congeniality

“Friendly, professional and skilled staff,

both at the outpPalautekuva_hahmot.jpgatient clinic and in the operating room as well as in the recovery room.
I wish to thank everyone with all my heart and give my sincerest praise!”
“A friendly welcome and professional behaviour all around. Majority ~of the staff managed with Swedish. In addition, I received a check-up call the following day. Excellent service!”
“I’m happy with my treatment and the information I received. The staff was very friendly. Thank you.”
“I wish to thank you for being so understanding and empathic. Your work is outstanding!!!”
 Comments have been gathered from feedback forms collected from visitors.

Improving patients’ data protection and privacy

Based on the feedback, we have aimed to improve the data protection and privacy of our patients. We have implemented a new practice of patient identification in the Day Hospital, which entails that from now on the patients do not need to state their personal identity code aloud in front of others. Also, when discussing personal issues with patients, the staff aims to choose a room where the discussion with the patient and their loved ones can be held in private. Unfortunately, our current facilities do not always allow this to take place as well as we would like. Data protection and privacy have been taken into consideration when planning the new Bridge Hospital. 

Further improving high-quality services

The patient panel launched a project to implement the support of family and loved ones as a part of somatic care.
When patients receive appointments by mail, it is important to make sure the letters contain enough information about the upcoming visit. Secretaries will add the necessary information on the appointment letters.

Focus on customer-oriented service

The patient panel has given comments and tips on how to improve the content and structure of the letters.
Using a scale from 1.0 to 5.0
 Net Promoter Score 99/ 100