Abdominal Center

Feedback and development measures carried out in Abdominal Center​

​The Abdominal Center receives feedback via regular customer satisfaction surveys, as free-form feedback via electronic and paper feedback forms, via telephone calls, and as written feedback sent to superiors and patient ombudsmen. 

Giving feedback via SMS is possible in the Abdominal Center from the start of December 2018 onwards and it will cover treatment at the outpatient clinics and operational units at first. This feedback method will be extended in stages to cover the entire Abdominal Center later on. 

The staff also requests feedback directly from our trained experts by experience , which we have six of currently. Customer panel operations are also a possibility in the near future.

 Patients give thanks for good care and congeniality


“For me, examinations will continue because the cause of my symptoms was not discovered despite careful examinations and imaging. I feel confident going forward, because I know that I will continue to be treated by the best doctors and nurses in the country.”

“Expert staff, great support in delicate matters”

“Genuine caring, creating a feeling of safety”

“Flexible service, individual challenges were taken into account and supported”

“I got to pick my surgery date myself”

“The treatment was competent, efficient, and I want to give special thanks for providing good information at the different stages of treatment. 95-percent friendliness rate, food was good”

“My colonoscopy was successful without pain medication thanks to the calm gastrologist and male nurse. I was told what was happening constantly and when to expect more pain.”

 “The procedure was competently performed and considerate for the patient. I hope the staff will hear my thanks.”

“Also a big thank you to the nice doctors and the very warm nurses, the way you treated me was heart-warming. I hope this feedback reaches those people.” 

Comments have been gathered from feedback forms collected from visitors.

 You gave us feedback and we acted on it:

“I wondered why I had to arrive so early in the morning, but the nurse explained why. I was able to go into surgery two hours earlier than expected.”
  • We prepare for cancellations to avoid idle time and unnecessary waiting while on the surgery waiting list. We will try to inform our patients about this better in future.
“Patients should have headphones for listening to TV/radio so that loud use would not disturb other patients.” 
“Patients should be informed beforehand that they should bring headphones if they wish to use the entertainment center. The hospital could also sell patients affordable headphones for a few euros, if someone does not remember to bring them or does not own headphones or is admitted to hospital suddenly. This way patient rooms with several patients would become more peaceful and considerate of everyone’s comfortability and need for rest.”
  • We contacted technical support to find out what the options were and informed nurse managers about obtaining headphones. They are now available for patients.
“Medication was late in the morning and arrived at 10 am” 
  • We have implemented new intelligent medicine cabinets to improve medication safety. Making the new process smooth is our key goal and delays are monitored daily: the delay has reduced in the past few months.
“Signs to the units in the Tower Hospital should be made clearer. E.g. the appointment letter says “vatsakeskuksen poliklinikka” but I could not find any unit of that name. “ 
  •  We invited experts by experience and management for a meeting about the current situation. We asked an architect specialized in signs to provide us information about planning and regulation regarding hospital signs. Experts by experience are in the process of creating a proposal for the management and HUS architects to make our hospital signs clearer.
“Customer feedback forms are really difficult to find on the HUS web pages.” There should be a direct link from the front page to a subpage “Feedback”” 
  • ​ The link to feedback forms is now located on the front page of HUS. The text in the link is “Your feedback matters” 
Electronic services
Our goal is that patients would be able to handle as many matters electronically as possible, regardless of time and location. Great examples of services like this include the virtual service Vatsatalo.fi  which is located in the Terveyskylä.fi  portal. Visitor numbers to Vatsatalo.fi have been steadily increasing with over 40,000 clicks every month. Services that are available with a doctor's referral include electronic clinical pathways for groin hernia patients, patients with venous issues, electronic clinical pathways for dialysis patients, and health-based weight loss coaching (TLV), pathway for weight loss surgery (LILE) and electronic clinical pathways for insulin-deficiency diabetes. In addition to the aforementioned, an electronic clinical pathway for bowel incontinence is currently being piloted. 

Experts by experience are utilized extensively
Experts by experience  work to enhance the patient's perspective in our activities because allowing active participation for our patients is one of your key projects. Our goal is to provide the right kind of healthcare services from the patient’s point of view. Experts by experience have, for example, tested several of our electronic clinical pathways, virtual websites, patient instructions, and commented on medical research questionnaires aimed at patients. Experts by experience have participated in several development workshops and multi-professional meetings in Lean projects, for instance. They have also spoken about the patient's perspective at training events for professionals, introduced participation in expert by experience activities at the OLKA support center, in national and regional theme events and on morning TV. 

In August 2018 the HUS Net Promoter Score was 91/100
Between August and November 2018 we received 75 customer feedback responses. In order that we may further develop and also display feedback responses visually, we hope that patients and their next of kin will give us even more feedback.

We thank you warmly for the feedback you have given so far! Your opinion of the service experience is valuable for us.