Emergency Medicine and Services

​Feedback for Emergency Medicine and Services and development measures
Patient feedback and measures taken as a result of the feedback are handled by the units and leadership of Emergency Medicine and Services in accordance with the quality system. Emergency Medicine and Services utilizes experts by experience and customer panel members who also participate in the development measures launched as a result of feedback.
Improvements to communication regarding queues and overcrowding

Emergency Medicine and Services has increased and improved communications regarding queues and overcrowding at the emergency clinics. Emergency clinic waiting room information displays show waiting times for patients and persons escorting patients. Additionally, employees’ workstations have been reorganized in order to ensure that patients receive correctly timed care after their priority is determined. We have increased collaboration with inpatient wards to expedite the process of transferring patients from the emergency area to further treatment.

Announcements about overcrowding have been created and implemented already at the Jorvi Hospital emergency clinic, and they will be implemented at Peijas Hospital emergency clinic as well.
Patients give thanks for good care and congeniality

The plentiful positive feedback we have received from patients and their next-of-kin also supports our patient-oriented operations.

Patients give thanks for good care and congeniality 

”The nurse who cared for me was very empathic, professional, and pleasant despite being in a hurry.”

  ”My thanks to you, everyday heroes!”


"Very good service. First-class treatment.
You’re doing an excellent job!”

 “Keep doing what you're doing.”

”I am extremely grateful to you.”


”It is incredible how every nurse always has time for a kind look, a warm smile, and efficient action.”​

“Bravo! Both the patient and family member are completely clear about the patient’s state of health and further treatment.” 


Comments have been gathered from feedback forms collected from visitors.

Good service is developed further

Customer service situations in an emergency clinic are always demanding because the situation involves patients who need urgent treatment or help, and emergencies of various categories. Our goal is to develop our customer-oriented service and the patient's treatment path in various ways in future. The entire staff’s customer service attitude is strengthened with continuing customer service training, among other measures.
Continued investment in development work to improve our patient safety 

Developing patient safety continuously and acting according to the principles that improve the quality of health care services are very important issues for the professionals in Emergency Medicine and Services. The patient feedback Emergency Medicine and Services has received is necessary and meaningful as it is utilized also in continuing development to improve our patient-safe operations.
Charging points for mobile devices

Emergency clinics all around the Emergency Medicine and Services operational area have been equipped with charging points for patients and their escorts to charge their mobile phones.

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