Feedback and development measures in Children and Adolescents

​The pediatric wards, outpatient clinics and management of Children and Adolescents develop our operations in a customer-oriented manner. We work in close collaboration with children and their families. Patient feedback is very important to us and it is processed regularly in the units and by the executive group.
The customer's voice is heard
We use patient feedback to develop our services. Feedback is gathered via different methods: electronically and on paper. Our aim is to observe and develop the services from the patient's viewpoint and this means that children, adolescents and their families need to be heard. The development ideas we receive are used to better our patient-oriented service even further.
Improvements to availability and information flow
When a child arrives to the Pediatric Emergency Department, the urgency of their care needs is assessed immediately. We have improved our information flow and how we provide information to patients. Additionally, more signs have been added and existing signs have been unified. Patients and families at the wards of New Children’s Hospital can receive information also digitally as every child and family receives a tablet computer for their use.

The Terveyskylä.fi web portal includes the websites and, which contain information and treatment instructions (available in Finnish). Using digital treatment pathways makes contact with specialized health care easier for families as they receive information about treatment of pediatric illnesses through the portal. The Lastentalo website also contains a symptom navigator service that parents can use when their child has an urgent health issue. A nurse chat is also available for patients and their families who live inside the HUS district.

Developing patient safety, operations, and quality service

We are making extensive improvements in our patient safety and quality control and introducing international quality management systems (incl. Magnet Hospital and Joint Commission International) to achieve and ensure great quality of care.


We were called in very quickly and my children also received treatment very quickly. The pediatrician happened to be very nice, very knowledgeable and got along great with kids. Our visit to the New Children's Hospital was a really pleasant experience once again. Thank you so much!

We spent less than 24 hours at the ward, everything went well and all the nurses and the doctor were very kind and calm :)

We went to the pediatric emergency department because our child had swallowed a hair pin and they were able to get it out endoscopically. We received professional treatment fast from very friendly staff members who knew how to “handle” the child age-appropriately in a very lovely and understanding manner

I am extremely happy with the treatment we received. – The nurses are present and react to situations in a timely manner. – We felt that we were in capable hands – The nurses knew how to deal with a small baby in a natural way :)        
We are very grateful for the work you do, it is amazing to me that there are people like you in this world! I sincerely thank you!​
Family panel
A family panel consisting of parents was launched in the fall of 2017 to influence hospital development and operations from their point of view. The family panel weighs in on patient satisfaction matters, hospital development plans, digital services, and patient instructions.

The members of the panel have life experience from hospital activities; their children have been in treatment at various pediatric units. The family panel meets at least four times a year, a single term of office lasts two or three years.