Experts by Experience

Experts by experience are trained persons who have personal experience of some illness. They can be current or previous patients, next of kin, or loved ones.
Together with HUS staff members, an expert by experience can participate in various work, steering, or management groups. Via shared expertise, the experts by experience discuss and participate in the development of HUS’s operations and give their valuable customer viewpoint of the treatment process.
Experts by experience can also be support persons or hold group meetings thus becoming a direct link between the HUS staff, patients, and other customers.
Experts by experience are chosen either in the Joint Authority, Hospital Area, or in the Departments, and the patient’s/loved one’s experience and education are taken into consideration.

In HUS, exp​erts by experience work in every hospital area and in many Departments. 

Please see the column on the right to read accounts from the units where experts by experience already work. You can also find the contact information of the coordinators there.