Customer Panels

Patients/customers have the possibility to participate in the development of more patient-centred and streamlined treatment culture, the use of facilities, and services by becoming members of customer panels.
Customer panels consist of customers or their next of kin who are familiar with the service, and hospital staff. Customer panel members are chosen either in the Joint Authority, Hospital Area, or in the Departments, and the customer’s experience and education are taken into consideration.
Contact information for the departments’ coordinators are available on the customer panels’ webpages. Please see the links on the right column of this page. The term of service for trained customer panel members is generally about two years.


Active customer panels work in nearly all Helsinki University Hospital Area’s departments and Raasepori, Hyvinkää, Lohja and Porvoo Hospital Areas. ​

Aims and methods of customer panels

The aim in HUS is to develop and train new methods of patient participation which conform to the Magnet Hospital model, are evidence-based, and utilize international co-operation (Global Center for Nursing Executives, GCNE).
The activities of experts by experience and customer panels are being modelled and established according to the Magnet Hospital model to become part of operations widely in HUS departments and hospital areas. Related to this, staff and customers are trained to become experts in shared expertise.