Customer panel

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Internal Medicine and Rehabilitation  
HUS Internal Medicine and Rehabilitation has had a customer panel since 2018. The panel members have experience in health care and rehabilitation services. The task of the customer panel is to provide feedback on service quality, functionality, and make improvement suggestions and introduce new ideas. Customer panel members can take part in developing, planning, and evaluating patient-oriented and seamless care culture and use of facilities, for example. Panel activities offer opportunities for many types of contribution
Customer panel members meet six times a year on average. The panel members visit Internal Medicine and Rehabilitation units at HUS, give feedback on brochures and patient instructions and participate in updating them, take part in a wide range of evaluation and commentary assignments, and meet with staff at ward meetings, for example.
The customer panel coordinators can answer any questions you may have. You can also contact us if you have a matter you wish to submit to the customer panel.
Coordinators’ contact information
Anna-Maija Jäppinen 
tel. 050 428 4385
Jaana Palviainen
tel. 040 336 422