HUS Asvia

Patient inclusion has brought new perspectives into development 

Having patients share their experiences and participate in development has opened up new perspectives for developing service solutions at HUS Asvia (former HUS Support Services). At HUS Asvia, customer panel activities were launched in early 2018 by training a panel of patients. In spring 2019, customer panel members have participated in developing a new patient diet guide, evaluating the patient invoice process, and development measures for patient feedback. Jorvi Hospital carried out a Kaizen week where members of our customer panel also took part in evaluating the process of discharging patients. In May, we devoted efforts to collecting patient feedback regarding food and cleanliness. One customer panel member took part in the event. We have been very happy with how actively the panel has participated.


Positive experiences encourage us to extend the activities


Our experiences from customer panel activities have been so positive that we plan to continue and expand them. We are looking to add new members to the panel in the fall of 2019. Please contact us, if you are interested.

HUS Asvia systematically will develop its services together with the trained experts by experience. Our experts by experience can be loaned out to other departments as well depending on development tasks at hand.  


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